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  • black

  • black and grey

  • black and iron grey

  • black and kline blue

  • black and pearl grey

  • black and white

  • black with grey band

  • black with grey braces

  • black with grey waist band

  • Black with red band

  • Black with red collar

  • Black with red sleeve

  • black with white and red embroidery

  • Black with white embroidery

  • blue

  • blue ceruleo and kline blue

  • blue ceruleo and pearl grey

  • fiordaliso blue

  • green and blue

  • grey and fiordaliso blue

  • Grey and red

  • grey with black braces

  • grey with red band

  • Grey with red collar

  • Grey with red sleeve

  • grey with red waist band

  • Grey with white and red embroidery

  • grey with white, black and red embroidery

  • indaco blue

  • kline blue

  • light blue

  • pearl grey

  • pearl grey and kline blue

  • red

  • Red and grey

  • Red with black and white embroidery

  • red with black band

  • red with black, grey and white embroidery

  • red with grey band

  • red with grey braces

  • Red with grey grey collar

  • Red with grey sleeve

  • red with grey waist band

  • royal blue and black

  • white

  • White and grey

  • white with black and grey embroidery

  • white with black band

  • White with black collar

  • White with black embroidery

  • white with grey braces

  • White with grey waist band

  • white with red band

  • White with red sleeve

Andromeda dress



Elegant long dress with deep designed v-neck prizing by an hematite ring as jewel detail. It is made from a beautiful handwoven silk cloth with a tactful harringbone weaving.. The item drapes nicely around the body and it’s perfect for special party.

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Model is high 174cm.

Regoular fit.

Our fabrics are naturally non-elastic; If you are unsure about your size we recommend to wear the larger one.


80% silk  20% cotton





IJO’ design always chooses the finest fabrics; the production process and selected yarns are of the highest quality.

IJO’ design’s silk fabrics are made from on ancient olive wood looms.

Yarns are certified according to European standards, chosen from the finest fibers.

Silk is since ancient times an elegant fiber used to createfabrics; of animal origin, is obtained from the cocoon produced by silkworms.

The main features are smoothness, shininess and pleasantness to the touch. Silk fabrics can be used in 4 seasons proving warm in winter and cool in summer.

IJO ‘ design’s fabrics are not chemical finishing which makes them milder, respecting a person wellness.

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