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Gift Card Conditions


1.The gift card (the “card” or “cards”) is the property of the entity that emits, up the IJO design by Surace Annalisa , Headquartered in Lecce, via G. Palmieri 47, C.F. P.I.V.A. 03431330756.
The cardholder is considered a mere depositary.


2. The card is valid for the purchase of the articles on the site up to the initial value of the card.
The card has a maximum value of €500.


3. The card can be purchased using the payment methods on the site The card cannot be purchased using another gift card.


4. The card can be used in multiple solutions up to the initial value indicated.


5. The residual value of the card from time to time available will be the difference between the residual value available prior to purchase and the amount used for that purchase. If the purchase price of the items exceeds the residual value of the paper the difference is to be paid using the payment methods accepted on site


6. The residual value of the Card will appear from time to time on the receipt issued when buying articles through the use of card, in the information provided at the time of order confirmation.


7. Items purchased through the use of the card on the website shall be subject to the terms and conditions indicated in the site.


8. The card will be valid for 1 year from the date of the virtualcard shipping confirmation email. When the validity expires, the card cannot be renewed or used for purchasing items. The remaining value of the card may be used to purchase other gift cards or, upon request, may be reimbursed for an amount not exceeding the 20% of the total in the same card.


9. The card is personal. The card holder is solely responsiblefor the use and storage of the card.


10. IJO’ design shall not be liable for the non-receipt or delay in receiving Virtual Card from the recipient due to force majeure and in any case not attributable in any way and to the maximum limits permitted by the current IJO’ design regulations such as, a mere non-exhaustive example: (i) poor functioning or interruption of telecommunication lines and / or systems, (ii) delay in the transmission of information or data or loss of information or data that may occur due to one of the causes indicated in the previous point (i), (iii) the inaccuracy of the data of the recipient of the Virtual Card provided by the purchaser of the Card itself, (iv) the circumstance that the e-mail sent by IJO’ design is considered as spam or junk mail.


11. Cards obtained by any fraudulent or illegal means will be considered void and ineffective, cannot be used for the purchase of items and the price for the purchase cannot be refunded.


12. The Card may not be used for advertising or promotional purposes of products or services marketed by third parties unrelated to the subject issuing the Card, unless authorized by the same.


13. The purchase and / or use of the Card implies full acceptance of the present general conditions, which have been made available to the customer at the time of purchase of the Card and available on the website


14. The Charter merely permits a method of payment and is not intended in any way as an investment tool and / or a solicitation of savings.